Le fait d’utiliser un logiciel pour échanger les photos de vacances avec tante Azalée est parfaitement légal. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici. This means that you will get more search results than in previous versions. Upgraded to CTreeOptionsCtrl v1. Acces direct au contenu Acces direct au menu.

Nom: emule 0.30
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 9.57 MBytes

Upgraded to CTreeOptionsCtrl v1. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici. Added memory debug statistics for debug builds only [UVman] Ornis: Servers can be added by pasting an eD2K server link into the IP address control of the server window. Merci de vous inscrire , c’est gratuit!. Fixed several issues with the new CComboBoxEx control keyboard interface. En attendant une version finale du client Kademlia, une nouvelle version d’eMule est disponible:

Added dialog for showing the eD2K meta data for search results, download files and shared files. Added some new checks and fixes in order to ban unfair clients Changed the TCP local and UDP global source search for clients who are downloading many files, to make some server software happy one more time and to avoid blacklisting Unused credits are removed after 5 month to limit the memory usage for credits bluecow: Server error messages are no longer displayed in the server info window, but in the application log window.

ED2K file meta data received during a file search is filtered before adding it to the part.


Emule a ou lsd – Forum Logiciels

Several changes in the file preview command: Source-swapping cares for 0.330 priorities now and is more safe against useless handing over sources back and forth Ornis: Alt-Return opens detail dialog for downloads and user Ornis: The text meta data e. Title, Author, Album is not sent to the servers but to clients when viewing the shared files. More safety in checking shareable files in 0.300 directory. Added some helpful server socket error messages.

Le client eMule 0.30a sort enfin !

Fixed some minor focus problems in search window. Added more columns to search list for showing new ed2k meta tags. Statusbars of paused files are shown in a dimmed colors [SlugFiller grayPause] bluecow: Fixed some security bugs concerning log messages dmule i0nic] Made some changes and fixes in SecureHash. Fixed crash at exit bug which occurred when flushing internal file data buffers to part files bluecow: Invalid entries in known.

Le client eMule a sort enfin !

Disabled sharing by accident of eMule installation folders config, lang, webserver and several files from the temporary directory. Fixed a rare problem where a client could receive properly compressed blocks but was though not capable of decompressing the entire compressed stream.

emyle Doubleclick on serverinfo in the statusbar opens a dialog with the details of the connected server Ornis: Fixed count of failed upload sessions [Maella] bluecow: Fixed bug with downloading of files with a size of bytes. Known file hashing features SafeHash: Miscellaneous safety and tweaking rmule Ornis: Fix of a typo in the webinterface, which could have led to instability on some systems Ornis: Upgraded to CTreeOptionsCtrl v1.


New log panes, multiline edit controls with optional auto scroll and rotating log.

Search results which match files in the download list are shown in a fixed shade of red. Added memory debug statistics for debug builds only [UVman] Ornis: Fixed bug with downloading of files with a size greater thean 2 GB [thx Maella] Ornis: S’abonner à la newsletter.

eMule 0.30 b

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emule 0.30

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emule 0.30

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