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It is an art in itself to compose good contents. Content writing is not just a matter of writing and throwing a topic for the readers on the Internet. As a content writer, to make your content worth reading, you need to ensure you deliver content that is useful to readers and inspire readers to return to these blog posts. And that’s not so easy, it comes for a lot of time, because in each sentence you must be imaginative. And you will definitely need some support in approving your work, and resources that help you. It will help you find and help you correct mistakes in your copy. There are however seamless choices, we have come up with the most reliable online revision resources in this post. Check the following list for Spelling checker tool

Slick Writer

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, Sleek Writer is one of the most popular tools when it comes to proof-reading. You will have the flexibility of typing or pasting your copy here directly into your content. The tool would then search for grammar errors, misrouting and score errors. It will also search for word violence, repetition and wordiness. You may change the setting for the most extreme specifics such as gender pronouns, abstract words, biased languages and more if necessary or simply conform to the simple version of the tool.


1Checker is well known for improving word readability and professionalism. It aims to correct grammatical errors and misprints if any in your edition. The tool is totally free to use for content optimisation. It provides an expanded vocabulary, built-in thesaurus and dictionary to enhance your skills in writing.

Proofread Bot

This is a minimalist online proofreading platform capable of detecting grammatical, punctuation and design mistakes and giving tips for correcting them. The web interface is free and easy to use, but you can switch to a premium edition. Unlike other methods, Proofread Bot charges a count of terms. Pro Checks start at 0.01 cents per term. You can earn free Pro Checks by teaching Bot new forms of grammar errors. Send a sentence with a grammatical error, the proper version, and offer an interpretation.

In the field of content writing, plagiarism is the most major offence, it has the potential to destroy your jobs, companies and potentially end up with an expensive lawsuit. Taking into account the devastation of plagiarism, attempts should be made at all costs to prevent it. In order to ensure that there is no duplicate material on your copy, PlagTracker checks all your blogs and compares your copy with thousands of websites. The tool can also help you rewrite phrases for an original piece.

To conclude, the above listed are top 3 proof-reading and edition tools that will surely help you improve your content. To know more about content writing, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

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