5 Tips to Boost Your Bootcamp Marketing Success

Successful personal trainers know that running a thriving fitness bootcamp, while a lot of work, can be incredibly rewarding both personally and financially. You are basically getting paid (oftentimes paid VERY well) to help change peoples lives in a positive way. What could be better than that? The fact is, getting a steady stream of new clients can be tough so you have to pay attention to your marketing at all times. In fact, a successful trainer should never stop marketing because it is better to have to turn clients away then beg for them to stay.

Below are 5 surefire marketing tips that will help keep your clients coming to you all year round:

1. Online Newsletter- OK, I am not going to go into detail about marketing your website here, but rest assured you need to get it in front of where your potential clients are surfing online. Then, make sure they opt into your online newsletter. This will allow you to stay in front of them on a regular basis so they never forget about your services. Make sure your content is valuable and not just sales based. Include healthy recipes, exercises they can do at home, etc.

2. Incentive based referral program – Surely your clients will tell others about you, but go ahead and put some icing on top and offer them rewards when they do. Maybe a free training session, or even a gift card to a nice restaurant. One client can pay you thousands of dollars over the years, so reward referrals well!

3. Make them a star of their own video – Want to make SURE your clients refer you? Simply videotape them kicking butt during an extremely intense workout and then email them a little edited video showing them, along with their name underneath and some inspirational music. Oh yeah, don’t forget to add YOUR website and info on there as well… then encourage your client to show this video to all their friends. You can bet they will and you will know have your own marketing campaign being conducted FOR you… pretty cook, eh?

4. Join the Chamber – Many people think of their local Chamber of Commerce as a stuffy organization of older business people, but it can be a goldmine of business for you if you commit to it. Join your local Chamber and get involved. Some of the biggest and most successful businesses in your area are members of this organization and many of them would LOVE to send their employees to your bootcamp. Promise fewer sick days and higher productivity out of the employees and you will REALLY pique the interest of the owners and managers who are members.

5. Go where your clients go, and demonstrate-You can bet it is much easier to talk to people about attending your bootcamp if they are already thinking about the subject of fitness. Therefore, simply go to your local sporting goods store and offer to do a demonstration for them for free. You can do a cross promotion where they will allow you to demonstrate onsite, and you can offer their coupons to your attendees.

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